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Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18) is closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our staff is working remotely and will continue to bring our community updates on all our channels, regarding the coronavirus impacts on Nantucket.

Stay tuned-in for details.  Sign up for our newsletters and follow our social channels for breaking news and inspirational shows from our local health experts and community members.

Let’s be kind to each other during this time, working together in whatever capacity is required — we will get through this scary point in our history’s timeline.  Please get the facts from local media providers and be wary of rummors on social media.  Please email us with questions that we can pass to local authorities and community leaders, we will do our utmost best to respond through our broadcasts on
Nantucket Pulse, sponsored by the Nantucket Cottage Hosptial Health Initiative and the Community Foundation’s Nantucket Emergency Grant.

NCTV Spotlight Public Q&A LIVE

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Tuesday, September 22, 2020 at 5pm
Local Channel 18 & YouTube/NCTV18

As the summer winds down, the pandemic persists. To hear Nantucket’s healthcare leaders answer your COVID-19 questions, tune in this Tuesday at 5pm for a very informative public Q&A with Nantucket Health Director Roberto Santamaría and a representative from the Nantucket Cottage Hospital will address questions from the public.

To participate in the LIVE Q&A, please register here. 

You may also email your questions to info@nctv18.org by noon on Tuesday 9.22.20.

NCTV will broadcast this virtual public forum on Local Channel 18 as well as YouTube/NCTV18 via direct link here. 

This broadcast of NCTV Spotlight Public Q&A is brought to you by the Community Foundation for Nantucket’s Nantucket Fund for Emergency Relief.

NCTV Immediate Release: 9.17.20 (Roberto Santamaria)

Nantucket Health Director Roberto Santamaría reviews the response of the island's Board of Health from today's 9.17.20 meeting, which addressed the recent increases in COVID-19 cases on Nantucket.

This NCTV Immediate Release is brought to you by the Community Foundation for Nantucket's Nantucket Fund for Emergency Relief.

#nctvimmediaterelease #townofnantucket #nantucketboardofhealth #COVID19 #communityfoundationfornantucket #NCTV18 #visionvoicelife #LetsRollNantucket

@Town of Nantucket Nantucket Cottage Hospital
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NCTV Immediate Release: 9.17.20 (Roberto Santamaria/Espanol)

El director de Salud de Nantucket, Roberto Santamaría, revisa la respuesta de la Junta de Salud de la isla en su reunión de hoy. Abordó los recientes aumentos en los casos de COVID-19 en Nantucket.

This NCTV Immediate Release is brought to you by the Community Foundation for Nantucket's Nantucket Fund for Emergency Relief.

#nctvimmediaterelease #townofnantucket #nantucketboardofhealth #COVID19 #communityfoundationfornantucket #NCTV18 #visionvoicelife #LetsRollNantucket

Town of Nantucket Nantucket Cottage Hospital
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9 hours ago

Nantucket Community Television

Mass Audubon Nantucket Sanctuaries
Sustainability and Nantucket High School: How We Move Forward
LIVE: Monday, September 28, 2020 at 7pm
Local Channel 18 & YouTube/NCTV18

To participate in the LIVE Q&A, please register here:

Direct Link for broadcast here:

As one of their first initiatives, Nantucket High School’s Youth Climate Committee will be hosting a panel discussion titled Sustainability and Nantucket High School: How We Move Forward; live on NCTV Monday September 28th at 7 PM (to conclude the island’s Climate Change Awareness Month.) The program will also include a live Q&A segment where members of the community will be able to participate and pose questions to panelists leading to meaningful community dialogue. Please join us as students, Nantucket Public School administrators, and local experts come together to raise awareness about and discuss action steps to address issues of sustainability and climate change within our community!

Panelists Include:
Dr. Beth Hallett, Superintendent of Nantucket Public Schools
Posie Constable, Executive Director of Sustainable Nantucket
Ashley Erisman, Chair of Nantucket Conservation Commission & NHS Educator
JohnCarl McGrady, Editor-in-Chief of Veritas and Youth Climate Committee Member
Maisie Cocker, Youth Climate Committee Member
Sarah Swenson Youth Climate Committee Member

Please contact Sam Kefferstan with any questions:
skefferstan@massaudubon.org or (508)228.9208

#massaudubon #massaudubonnantucketsanctuaries #sustainability #nantuckethighschool #sustainablenantucket #communityfoundationfornantucket #acklimatenantucket #live #remoteparticipation #nctv18 #visionvoicelife #letsrollnantucket

Community Foundation for Nantucket ACKlimate
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