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Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18) is closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our staff is working remotely and will continue to bring our community updates on all our channels, regarding the coronavirus impacts on Nantucket.

Stay tuned-in for details.  Sign up for our newsletters and follow our social channels for breaking news and inspirational shows from our local health experts and community members.

Let’s be kind to each other during this time, working together in whatever capacity is required — we will get through this scary point in our history’s timeline.  Please get the facts from local media providers and be wary of rummors on social media.  Please email us with questions that we can pass to local authorities and community leaders, we will do our utmost best to respond through our broadcasts on
Nantucket Pulse, sponsored by the Nantucket Cottage Hosptial Health Initiative.

As we're all learning to make adjustments during this time, NCTV along with the instructor for this class has decided to move this class online via ZOOM so as not to slow down the learning process. It will be now offered as an interactive remote program. The class will be taking place Wednesdays, April 15, 22, & 29 all at 5pm. The class is now being offered at a reduced price of $115. Please be sure to email: maria@nctv18.org for payment, learn about resources to stay on track and ensure you've booked your seat in the class! #ThisIsAnNCTV18Production #LetsRollNantucket Dee White Lisa GetterRachel Larson DevineAndrew CromartieArlene O'ReillyMaria WaickowskiDoug CotePreston HarimonBill HoenkJanet Forest ... See MoreSee Less

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Hello Nantucket! NCTV would like to team up with Nantucket Cottage Hospital because it's true that when we stand together, we're stronger together! NCH is joining other hospitals across the state in this effort tonight at 7p.m. to recognize everyone, across the island and beyond, not just the healthcare workers, but first responders, grocery store employees, truck drivers - everyone who is working hard as an essential worker. We don't want these essential folks to go unrecognized. We're asking everyone to create a collective round of applause from your house, doorstep or window. Please share with us your photos and videos of clapping and showing appreciation to help spread the cheer and gratitude! Please send them to: info@nctv18.org It's important that we realize we can all play a part as we would not be able to get through this time alone. #ClapBecauseWeCare #ThisIsAnNCTV18Production #LetsRollNantucket Dee White Lisa Getter Maria Waickowski Andrew Cromartie Rachel Larson Devine Dan Driscoll Tyler Johnston Nantucket Cottage Hospital Town of Nantucket ... See MoreSee Less

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TONIGHT APRIL 3 5:30 pm Our guest speakers tonight: Gary Shaw, CEO/President and Kristie Ferrantella, Interm President & CEO of the Nantucket Chamber of Commerce, where we will be taking questions on our YouTube Channel. Sabrina Dawson and Gaven Norton from Keepers Restaurant and Michael Getter from Dune Restaurant all weigh in on how COVID-19 has impacted the island restaurants. Additionally, we will have a special ten-minute pre-recorded statement from Jamie Lee Nass, Nick Nass, owners of the Sandbar and Or, the Whale restaurants and Taylor Hilst, Human Services Director for the Town of Nantucket, who along with the Saltmarsh & Elder Services have been operating the on-island Meals on Wheels program.

Link for the NANTUCKET PULSE: COVID-19 Impacts to the Island 4.03.2020 Live Broadcast:
Nantucket Pulse: Coronavirus Update - 4/3/20 ecs.page.link/ebDaC
#NantucketPulse #ThisIsAnNCTV18Production #LetsRollNantucket Dee White Andrew Cromartie Lisa Getter Arlene O'Reilly Rachel Larson Devine Maria Waickowski Dan Driscoll Mind's Eye Communications, LLC Nantucket Cottage Hospital Town of NantucketNick Nashington Dune Nantucket
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