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Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18) is closed to the public during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our staff is working remotely and will continue to bring our community updates on all our channels, regarding the coronavirus impacts on Nantucket.

Stay tuned-in for details.  Sign up for our newsletters and follow our social channels for breaking news and inspirational shows from our local health experts and community members.

Let’s be kind to each other during this time, working together in whatever capacity is required — we will get through this scary point in our history’s timeline.  Please get the facts from local media providers and be wary of rummors on social media.  Please email us with questions that we can pass to local authorities and community leaders, we will do our utmost best to respond through our broadcasts on
Nantucket Pulse, sponsored by the Nantucket Cottage Hosptial Health Initiative.

For anyone who missed today's Board of Health Live Broadcast, the full emergency meeting is linked below.
Unfortunately, YouTube was experiencing technical issues at the time of the livestream. The full broadcast can be accessed via the attached link.
We also encourage you to sign up for NCTV's newsletter on our website, in order to receive all up to date info direct.


Lisa Getter Arlene O'Reilly Andrew Cromartie Dan Driscoll Dee White Maria Waickowski Rachel Larson Devine Town of Nantucket
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22 hours ago

Nantucket Community Television

Reminder: Nantucket Board of Health Emergency Meeting Live Today at 3 pm. (Via Town of Nantucket's YouTube channel as well as NCTV's local channel 18.)
Please click the link for full info.
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Thank you Nantucket Magazine!
Your words and support are truly appreciated, especially during this time as we all work together to remain safe and educated.
We are fortunate to be able to bring forth current broadcasts that keep the island up to date and informed, while also being able to extend our reach to summer residents and visitors who are watching from afar.
We encourage following our social media platforms as well as subscribing to our newsletter, as the best ways to stay up to date on what we continue to provide for the community.
The team here at NCTV truly enjoys what we bring forth for the island of Nantucket on all levels.
We are grateful and appreciative for all of the support we continue to receive from everyone.
Stay safe.
Lisa Getter Arlene O'Reilly Dan Driscoll Andrew Cromartie Frank Schadt Dee White Maria Waickowski Rachel Larson DevineIn an era where we are spending more and more time watching the news, it can get overwhelming to take in all of the nation’s headlines at once. Enter Lisa Getter and the team at NCTV. They have been consistently creating original programming relevant to Nantucketers, including their “Nantucket Pulse” series focusing on Island healthcare and funded by the Nantucket Cottage Hospital Community Health Initiative. The broadcast (found on YouTube) delivers a reliable and regular update on COVID-19’s effect on the island. What’s more, NCTV ensures their broadcasts are as accessible as possible, adding Spanish and Portuguese translations to their closed captions.

By centering around local updates, familiar faces, and trusted Town experts, Lisa and her team are helping to get the word out about the latest Nantucket news in ways that matter to our community. We thank Lisa and NCTV for working overtime to keep us all informed during this time.

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