What’s happening this winter at NCTV?

Buckle up!  Jump start your film making plans by learning all the skills necessary, from pre to post-production, to help you get your ideas “on screen”.  It’s a fun atmosphere to learn some exciting new and useful skills.

Classes are open to members of all ages.

Upcoming Classes Include:

Camera Fundamentals Workshop

  • Basic understanding of how cameras work
  • Video equipment care and usage
  • Video language
  • Shooting in manual mode
  • Composition, lighting, exposure and white balance
  • Tripod vs. handheld
  • Recording clear audio

Editing Fundamentals Workshop

  • Importing/exporting
  • Premiere Pro Workflow
  • Asset Management
  • Editing audio & video
  • Understanding timelines & sequences
  • Video transitions
  • Creating title slides

Scene Fundamentals Workshop

  • Understanding the arc of the scene
  • Creating and developing character objectives
  • How to frame and light a shot
  • Understanding the 180 rule
  • Working with multiple cameras

Schedule & Pricing For Members:

Workshop    Camera Fundamentals, December 5 & 6,  5-7pm  $50
Workshop    Editing Fundamentals, December 13 & 15,  5-7pm $50

Workshop    Camera Fundamentals, January 9 & 11, 5-7pm  $50
Class    Scene Fundamentals Intensive, Monday through Friday, January 15-19,  5-7pm. (Sign up before 12/1 is $175. Sign up after 12/1 is $200.)
Workshop    Editing Fundamentals, January 25 & 26, 5-7pm  $50 (NO SPACE AVAILABLE)

Workshop    Camera Fundamentals, February 6 & 8, 5-7pm  $50 (NO SPACE AVAILABLE)
Class    Scene Fundamentals Intensive, Monday through Friday, February 12-16, 5-7pm. (Sign up before 1/1 is $175. Sign up after 1/1 is $200.)
Workshop    Editing Fundamentals, February 21 & 22,  5-7pm $50 (NO SPACE AVAILABLE)


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