So, you have a story to tell?  Or have something on your mind that you want to share? How about making people laugh? Filmmaking is a powerful tool – yes we all know that.  But it’s also the MOST collaborative art forms in the twenty first century (actually – dates back to 1890, check our blog for more that).  One can specialize in and become part of film production team to produce some legendary grassroots films that is unique to Nantucket! Here a brief idea of roles we are talking about: writer, producer, designer, actor, director, lighting engineer, camera and audio technician, imagining specialist, and editor.  Sure you can try your hand at wearing all these hat and see what gets you pumped.  Either way, NCTV is here to help make that happen.

Keep in mind NCTV is a non-profit on Nantucket.  We do need volunteers to help us out on location shoots OR if you would like to support our efforts with a donation, that will insure our sustainability on Nantucket and continue to Broadcasting Nantucket.  Remember its your Vision, Voice, Life on this Grey Lady.

Here is a spotlight on one of our members who entered her creative film in the Nantucket Shorts Fest 2015.