Introducing our new media arts educational program, Whaler Media.

Learn the foundation of television and broadcast journalism meeting once a week, and in HALF the time, you’ll be able to:

  • Film such crisp HD video that your project could play on the big screen at the Dreamland
  • To modify footage so well that you’ll tell a complete story using only random clips from the Internet.
  • Edit your movie on the same software used in Hollywood movies, like Avatar and The Social Network
  • Operate directional microphones – like those used on the sidelines of NFL games – and wireless microphones – like those used on reality TV shows like Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

NCTV designed Whaler Media to empower Nantucket High School students to share their voices on television, from Channel 18 to the world wide web. The class takes advantage of NCTV’s multimedia center resources so each student can learn by doing. The teachers stress teamwork to produce a friendly, creative, and exciting atmosphere for everyone. Take a look at last year’s schedule to see if you’re ready to fall in love with filmmaking :

Whaler Media is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education in media arts. Capacity permitting 14 per class, meeting once a week, starting in November through the end of February. Learn how to use our professional-grade equipment and how to organize the production of a short video. Each skill will be introduced by demonstration and then repeatedly practiced by the students, in pairs, on their assigned piece of equipment. This arrangement ensures that everyone receives ample time to practice filming and editing.

Students are responsible for consistent attendance and participation in class projects to show skill development. Successful show of work and understanding, students will receive a certificate of completion that is considered to be step one to advance in media arts education class that NCTV offers.  

Advanced students may qualify for mentoring in portfolio development to apply for university programs in the media arts and communication design.

Students wanting to join our Whaler Media Program, it starts annually in November, meets once a week, and ends in February.  This is a prerequisite for Teen View Program.  Free to students, thanks to funding by Nantucket Golf Club.

Individuals interested in learning more about the media arts, please sign up for our newsletter for upcoming announcements on media arts educational classes.


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