Not only can your attendees register to attend your webinar event, but we can send you analytical data that shows who and when people registered and attended your event.

We can conduct training and rehearsal sessions before the event to ensure every panelist is fully connected and operational.

Your webinar can go live on Local Channel 18, Facebook and/or Youtube to have a greater impact.  Or, we can keep your meeting private and send you the link afterward for your records.

Do you have pre-recorded content that you would like to play before, during, or after your webinar but don’t like “screen sharing”?  No problem, we can push high-quality pre-recorded content onto Zoom without “screen sharing”.

Is there a panelist in your webinar that is on location, away from a computer, but wants to be in your Zoom Webinar?  No problem, we can do that too by bringing a camera operator to wherever that person is on the island, whether it’s downtown or on a beach, and connect them to your webinar.

Pretty cool!!  Contact NCTV today to help you get started.

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