Are you a Comcast customer, thinking of becoming one or simply love the Nantucket community?
If so, on March 6, there is a public information session you should attend.

Did you know that part of what islanders pay to Comcast, comes back to Nantucket?

This happens in every town, nationwide. cable services have a franchise fee that gets returned to the communities it serves, and Nantucket is no different! On our island, the Comcast franchise fee supports NCTV18, Nantucket’s public access station (a.k.a PEG Station).

Next week, on March 6, the direction of Comcast’s franchise fee to Nantucket will be determined. For over two years, Lisa Getter, Executive Director of NCTV18 and her team have been working hard leading up to this public information session because, “This is it, this day will determine if we can move forward to negotiate with Comcast to increase to 5% franchise fee on the cable bill. This will be NCTV18’s tipping point for the next ten years.” Currently, NCTV18 only receives 3% franchise fee, while many other communities, like Martha’s Vineyard, get 5%. 

In addition, all community TV station budgets may shrink this fall due to upcoming changes with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules. NCTV18 is counting on Comcast’s 2% franchise fee increase just to maintain its current budget and offset FCC adjustments.

Of all community TV stations, island stations especially depend on growing budgets because they have unique challenges compared to mainland community stations. NCTV18 is requesting community support. Please join NCTV18 and attend the public information session where the Select Board will approve the 2% increase to be negotiated with Comcast.

The decision by the Select Board will impact Nantucket’s local TV station that is evolving in to a full media center, for the next 10 years. Support NCTV18 and hear how they serve the island community.

The 2% monthly increase on cable TV bill will be estimated $1-3 per month that comes back to Nantucket.  The cost is minimal, the impact is tremendous.


Join us on March 6, if you value watching local programming on TV, including On-Demand:

• Local government meetings

• Town meetings in live stream

• Local news broadcasted on island and with regional network news

• Unique programming shows developed here on island

• Special events captured on island and archived for future resources


Join us on March 6, if you value having access to media technology and learning media arts on the island. NCTV18 serves with hands-on, personal training, by local professionals current and future:

• Film Developers

• ScreenPlay Writers

• Graphic Designers

• Story Tellers

• Film Editors

• Camera Operators

• Lighting and Sound Technicians

• Creative Problem Strategists

• College Applicants, (today many require video presentation)

• Animation Artists

• Imaging and Special Effects Artists

• Digital Music Editors

• Public Speaking on Camera

• Understanding New Technologies in Media Communications

Media is the communication outlets or tools used to store and deliver information or data. It is associated with the mass media communication businesses such as print media, the press, photography, advertising, cinema, broadcasting (radio and television), and publishing.

The complexity of running a TV station and media center for education is vast and ever-changing. In order to provide the services that community members are requesting from NCTV18 survey results, NCTV18 needs this extra 2% to be able to serve the Nantucket community for generations to come.

Learn more and please attend the public forum or reach out to our Select Board to express your views. Join us!

When: Wednesday, March 6th, from 4:30-5: 30 pm 

Where: PSF Community Room, first floor at the Police Station,
4 Fairgrounds Road.

Public Information Session 4:30-5: 30 pm,  
Select Board meeting starts at 6 pm.

About Nantucket Community Television (NCTV18):

Since 2012, NCTV has had a 25% annual growth rate of youth students. 30% have gone on to pursue media arts, journalism, or communication design majors. 40% have used the knowledge that they learned as part of their application process for universities. NCTV has captured over 800 town/government meetings, engaging students to watch local broadcast from home for assignment homework. NCTV has produced unique programming, giving 14 student interns hands-on learning experience. 60% of youth students have completed short films submitted to the Nantucket SHORTS film festival. 100% of our Teen View students have presented films during the Nantucket Film Festival. NCTV has engaged with over 50,000 viewers online and on broadcast. NCTV was honored as one of the “Best Media Creators in Massachusetts”  in 2018 by MASS ACCESS Awards.

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