Teen View Lab on NFF Program

The Nantucket Film Festival and Nantucket Community Television are cultivating young filmmakers by providing the opportunity to produce and then exhibit shorts films that they write, direct, and edit in the Nantucket Film Festival this coming June 17-28, 2021. 

Teen View Lab is free to Nantucket High School students thanks to our partnership with the Nantucket Film Festival. Any interested student can participate in the program, which meets once a week from early March to the end of June.

In 2000, the Nantucket Film Festival launched the free Teen View Labs and programs, teaching writing, directing, and editing to Nantucket High School students.  Today, the NFF program flourishes under the guidance of NCTV Staff.

The 2020 Teen View Films were screened before feature-length films at the Dreamland Drive-in.  For 2021, 1-2 Teen View shorts will be selected to screen each night of the festival in front of one of the Spotlight Films screening the Nantucket Film Festival.  Festival guidelines require that all films must be under 10 minutes in length, and made by Nantucket students.

In the Teen View Labs, students learn the skills to develop, write, shoot and edit their own films. Students have to complete a prerequisites series of instructional workshops offered at the media center every winter and spring. Their completed short films had their premiere during Nantucket Film Festival’s Teen View Showcase.

“It was really exciting to witness the student’s process start with a larger-than-life blockbuster idea and watch them go through the learning process of developing a film idea that would be both practical and fulfilling,” explained Andrew Cromartie, NCTV Film & Editing Instructor, adding, “it’s really exciting to work with such energetic and creative individuals and I am elated to see how they grow as filmmakers in the coming year.”


Starting March 12-May 21, Fridays Only 3 pm to 5 pm
Short Film Completion June 11th.

Alongside the Nantucket Film Festival, Nantucket Community Television helps cultivate young filmmakers by providing the opportunity to produce and exhibit work that they write, direct, and edit in the festival’s annual Teen View Shorts Showcase.

The Teen View Showcase has become a cherished part of the Nantucket Film Festival, in recent years was airing locally on Comcast channel 18.  To watch past Teen View Films, NCTV On-demand or the NCTV YouTube channel. 

For students who are interested in the Teen View Lab, classes start in March.  Free to students, thanks t0 the Nantucket Film Festival.   

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