Supporting NCTV

How to Support NCTV as a Sponsor.

The vast majority of fundraising for public television takes place at the local level. Grassroots journalism and local documentaries capture today’s events, document the stories for future generations, and inspire generations of islanders.  #ACKLocal, #ILoveNCTV18, #ACKbroadcast.

Whaler Sports Coverage Sponsor.

NCTV would love your support as we continue to broadcast Whaler Pride into the homes of our community and beyond! Sponsorship options are for football, basketball and hockey games, as well as the the Island Cup game on April 24, 2021 (GO WHALERS!!!). These are created for Nantucket businesses as well as lower-cost options for families who want to show their support.

Donation Support and Membership

Every dollar helps us get closer to our goals. Donations of what you can afford and/or memberships give us the encouragement to keep producing, giving you our best. Would you like to make an even greater impact? Consider making a recurring donation.

NCTV & Member campaigns

  • Help us raise funds for original programming broadcasted from Nantucket!
    Fundraising for BENCH Talk art speaks is underway to bring exposure to the cultural tapestry that is cherished on Nantucket!
  • Support one of our community member’s real-life story called, For the Love of Fútbol – A Jose de Jesus Reyes-Partida Story. The film aims to inspire youth that sports, especially soccer (fútbol), don’t have to be just a dream but can also be a reality.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today.  Thank you for your support!