It’s the much anticipated icing on the cake for NCTV which has undergone a complete transformation in the last six months with launching its new website.

The current analog channel is 18, but NCTV  will soon also be broadcasting in high definition on Comcast channel to be announced.

The move to HD will allow Comcast subscribers on island to watch their local programming in 1080p, an image resolution that is substantially higher than that of standard-definition television.

HD will take NCTV to a whole new level.

“The NCTV staff and its dedicated volunteers and professional freelancers will have the ability to produce some of the highest quality local programming in the region,” says Lisa Getter, Executive Director.  “High definition will add to the viewing experience, especially on the big screens many people have in their homes, offices, and businesses these days.”

NCTV is always looking for more volunteers. Or do you have a story idea? Become a member of NCTV and  either fill out a volunteer application here or tell us about your idea so we can help give your vision a voice and bring it to life.

So soon, you can watch NCTV on Comcast Channel 18 (standard) or Comcast channel T/B/D (high definition). If you don’t have cable, no worries!  You can watch it on your computer or smart devices  on with our video on-demand. This is YOUR local station, so watch we are up to and if you have a vision – lets hear it!

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