The Nantucket Community Television, Nantucket’s media arts center, is a unique resource. It is already serving the critical information needs on the Island, such as island governmental meetings and emergency broadcasts on local TV Channel 18 and online through our digital channels.

Part of our mission is two-fold: to provide knowledge, factual depth, and educational interests, and to capture and broadcast Nantucket’s rich history and cultural importance.  Since the pandemic impacted the world we know, the NCTV team has adapted quickly using technology to continue to keep our mission on track.  In doing so, we offer new opportunities to our fellow businesses and nonprofits.  

Please contact us, we can help you reach your goals.  

Lisa Getter, Executive Director + TV Channel 18 + Newsletter + Social Media

Total Subscribers: 21,804 +   Potential reach: 125,020 + per year. 10,418 per month


Database: = 2,500+ subscribers

Facebook = 2,261+ organic followers.  

Instagram = 2,038 + organic followers = 2,700+ visitors per month, yearly average 32,400.

YouTube = 2.05k subscribers / 478,249 public views, average 68,321 per year.

Channel 18 = 10,000 Comcast Subscribers Year-round.

Exclusive Package offers for local nonprofits and businesses

Please note, that your organization or company must be an active member of

NCTV Broadcast and Digital Basic Package: 

1) You provide your own multimedia/video to NCTV to air on Channel 18 for a specific time slot.

2) Premium placement in the NCTV newsletter

3) One social post on Facebook and Instagram during the campaign 

Weekly $125   Monthly $300

NCTV Broadcast and Digital Package Enhancements:

If you have a press release, message, or program that you need help promoting, here are some options you can consider with NCTV.

1) Immediate Release: video press release. Ex.

2) Spotlight Interview, 1-on-1 twenty-minute interview news show OR

Spotlight Interview, LIVE broadcast with Public Q&A 20 minute interview news show Ex.

3) 30-second PSA or promotion placement 60x per day + premium placement before Select Board + Board of Health on TV Channel, 30-second multimedia files are to be provided by you. 

4) Premium placement in the NCTV newsletter with links.

5) Social posts on Facebook and Instagram during the campaign 

6) Placement on the homepage of during the campaign

7) Google Ad promoting your Broadcast to Nantucket 

Starting at  Weekly $500   Monthly starting at $1800

NCTV Webinar Broadcast Package: 

Annual Meetings |  Webinars |  Homeowner Association Meetings

Need some help?  We are here for you!  

  • Not only can your attendees register to attend your webinar event, but we can send you data that shows who and when people registered and attended your event.
  • We can conduct training and rehearsal sessions before the event to ensure every panelist is fully connected and operational.
  • We can provide peace of mind to those uncomfortable with Zoom or their computers. We can also expand your knowledge of the platform by showing you how to incorporate useful features like polling.

We go beyond the normal zoom meeting.

Your webinar can go live on NCTV Channel 18, Facebook, and/or Youtube to have a greater impact.  Or, we can keep your meeting private and send you the link afterward for your records.

Want to turn your Zoom meeting into a cable television caliber broadcast? NCTV’s advanced live production tools and experience can surpass the impact of a simple Zoom meeting by incorporating professionally edited videos, a teleprompter, multi-camera views, graphics, a rentable production studio, live audience participation across multiple platforms, and so much more!

Is there a panelist in your webinar that is on-island, away from a computer, but wants to be in your online event?  No problem, we can do that too by bringing a camera operator to wherever that person is on the island, whether it’s downtown or on a beach, and connect them to your webinar.  On-premise Internet connection is not a problem to do this, we have the technology to make it happen anywhere at a reasonable price.

Starting at $450

NCTV Virtual Event Broadcast Package for Local Nonprofits: 

Fundraisers  |  Appeals  |  Events

NCTV has created this special package in response to COVID impacts to support our fellow nonprofits during this challenging time.  Here are some testimonials:

“NCTV18 was a perfect partner for Artists Association of Nantucket as we launched our first ever LIVE art auction and at-home gala. We knew we wanted the night to be interactive, fun, and easy for our guests. NCTV18 worked with us to develop a dynamic preshow, which featured aspects of our mission and got the crowd excited for the night. As we went live in the studio, NCTV18 stepped us through every aspect of delivering a user-friendly experience. All in all, our expectations were exceeded. We hope to partner with NCTV18 again in the future. What a gift to our community having these experts on the island. ” Courtney Bridges Executive Director 


PASCON was faced with a tremendous challenge with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Its major fundraiser, Dreamcatcher, was scheduled for the first week of June.  We had to cancel the event and the Board members were dispirited with the thought of losing our primary fundraising event.  We committed to doing a virtual fund-raiser but we were skeptical that we would come even close to the success of the traditional fundraiser.  To add to our quandary, few of us have the technology skills to run a virtual fundraiser.  We turned to NCTV-18 to help us in this process.  The NCTV-18 team bucked us up and said we can do this.  Off we went and we collaboratively produced a 90 minute live/recorded event with the NCTV-18 team.  The process was fun and challenging but it sharpened our organization’s message and goals.  The pricing for technical and production support was more than reasonable and was substantially more cost-effective than throwing a gala for 250 guests.  Andrew is very talented and understands the process.  The team produced a very engaging, thoughtful, and fun product that was very well received by donors and patrons. 

Our advice to other non-profits is to definitely use this team. We had exposure not only on local cable television but a national footprint with YouTube videos and had participants from all over the United States.  Our goal was to expand our base and this was more than achieved with NCTV-18’s assistance.  Great kudos to the entire NCTV-18 team! We made and exceeded our fundraising goal and delivered a strong message to our greater community on the good work of PASCON. 

Here is what to expect as options from NCTV:

  • Asset Management includes meetings and correspondence 
  • Pre-Production: Filming LIVE and/or Pre-Recorded segments on location anywhere on island.
  • Professional Graphics, logo, charts, stats, & lower thirds (all of which can be animated.)
  • Post Production:  editing, color management, sound mixing
  • Distribution:  NCTV Channel 18, YouTube, files to your site and in-house marketing team
  • Optional services:  Drone filming, teleprompter, underwater photography,  and slow-motion video. 
  • Production and airing of 30-second promos leading up to the event on our channel and social media platforms.
  • Optional promoting your event with our marketing team: Google ads, premium placement links, and announcement on, prime location on NCTV newsletters, social media posts, tagging, and stories on HGTV in Instagram

Starting at $2,500

For $125 the nonprofit annual membership includes: 

  • Access to cablecast time on the NCTV channel: Comcast 18 and live streaming on the NCTV website
  • Public service announcements spots on our channel and on the NCTV CBB that appears on home page
  • Special discounted production services
  • Small group virtual classes to adult teams within organizations for low-cost training by media professionals
  • All NCTV members receive our e-newsletter
  • If purchased before December 31, 2020 the EXCLUSIVE Early Bird Offer of a 30-second promotional video ($1500 value) for an event of your choosing. *Some restrictions apply
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