Q and A with NCTV’s Executive Director, Lisa Getter on exciting new project called the Nantucket Student Television

Blake lazarus and Caroline Richards
media coordinator and editor-in-chief

Q. What is your favorite part about your job?

A. My favorite part of my Job, that’s a tough question because I really love lots of parts of my job, I get to work with a team of talented people. NCTV is growing and becoming more visible and relevant to the Nantucket Community and that can only happen with teamwork and we have it at NCTV. I love to watch people grow within the video field, they come into the station not knowing the first thing about it, after taking our classes, taking out the equipment and practicing they end up making their own shows, it’s amazing to see and that gets me really excited.

Q. Where did the initiative for the program come from, who’s idea was it and how did that idea develop into what VTV has become?

a. When I was hired as the Executive Director for NCTV in September of 2014, I had a vision of working with local students to develop a news program. I felt this would provide valuable opportunities for our islands students of all ages in nurturing a foundation of skills focusing in the field of TV Journalism: video production, lighting, editing, animation, writing, story- boarding—even hosting their own TV show! NCTV historically offer production workshops to our members, but we wanted to create a dedicated training program designed for Island students. That is how Nantucket Student Television (NSTV) will partner With Veritas TV ! This new program was made possible by the Nantucket Golf Club Foundation, which I am incredibly grateful for this grant that helps us make student training possible.

Q. What is the first topic you will be focusing with Veritas?

a. We have a few topics that are in the work. My Nantucket Shuffle by Blake Lazarus and A story regarding the Tick/Mice situation on Nantuckt with Brandon Menjivar. This is just the beginning. Stay tuned.

Q. What are the benefits to having a video portion for Veritas?

a. The benefits are endless, not only for the students who will be involved in learning all the different aspects of TV production, but also the Nantucket Community. After all, NCTV broadcasting and journalism are produced for viewers who care about Nantucket—these are the viewers who will be watching our students making their own amazing TV Programs.

Q. Where do you hope to see VTV grow and develop?

a. I want to see NSTV become a vital part in Veritas news, as well as all of our schools and community. I would love our NSTV team to have fun and be proud of their programs and submit them into competitions, and win Telly Emmys. That will be such a dream come true for me personally, AND also a major achievement for any young student to show on college applications or resumes.

Q. how has working with Veritas gone so far? have you hit any significant bumps in the road?

a. It has been great working with Veritas so far, meeting the students who have an interest in the video aspect has been very enjoyable. I would say the bumps we have found during this developmental stage of the program is the students of Veritas have already committed themselves to other after school activities and so I feel it’s been a challenge for them to give more time to this program, which is why NCTV have expanded this program to include all schools and all ages of students. We want to involve the students at an earlier age, so NSTV is an option for them as an after school activity along with, basketball and music lessons, now they can add TV producing to their list of options.

Q. do you have any advice for students who are interested in film or film editing?

a. YES, become a member of NCTV and start filming!

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