The Island Cup

The Island Cup documentary tells the story of a very special, and somewhat unknown, aspect defining generations of people who are the backbone of two island communities—Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We begin by telling the story of 2018’s annual Island Cup rival game, followed by a deep exploration of an inter-island rivalry, changing island demographics, and how the state of the sport nationwide impacts community football.

Grey Lady Introductions

Grey Lady Introductions

 This series is to introduce all the wonderful aspects of Nantucket, also known as the Grey Lady.  Our series will introduce insiders tips on the best beaches, bike paths, and how to get around on the island.  Additionally,  our series will tell the stories of our history and cultural aspects that the Grey Lady has to offer!  Funded in part by ReMain Nantucket.

Coastal Matters

With Charley Walters.  Interviews with varying research and advocacy groups focused on environmental changes that directly impact Nantucket.

Bergeron Briefs

With Attorney Arthur Bergeron.  Reviews changes in Massachusetts state laws that impact the elderly.

Leadership Perspectives

Host Mark “Doc” Forsyth interviews local and visiting leaders. Hear about their leadership experiences and learn about their leadership perspective.