The Island Cup

The Island Cup documentary tells the story of a very special, and somewhat unknown, aspect defining generations of people who are the backbone of two island communities—Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. We begin by telling the story of 2018’s annual Island Cup rival game, followed by a deep exploration of an inter-island rivalry, changing island demographics, and how the state of the sport nationwide impacts community football.

Grey Lady Introductions

Grey Lady Introductions

 This series is to introduce all the wonderful aspects of Nantucket, also known as the Grey Lady.  Our series will introduce insiders tips on the best beaches, bike paths, and how to get around on the island.  Additionally,  our series will tell the stories of our history and cultural aspects that the Grey Lady has to offer!  Funded in part by ReMain Nantucket.

NCTV18_Frank and Mary Program

Frank and Mary on Nantucket

Frank and Mary are your average senior couple.  They experience the same issues we all encounter as we age. Whether you yourself are a senior or you have a loved one who is 55 or older, chances are you can relate to several of the scenarios we have created here.  There are many difficult decisions to make as you age – both in terms of finances and physical challenges. Arthur Bergeron uses Frank and Mary to shed light on many questions and concerns raised by his elder law clients throughout the years.  Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and resources needed for peace of mind.

NCTV18_Profiles Program


Profiles is an interview program on Nantucket Community Television. Host Charley Walters talks with Nantucketers from the island’s government, non-profits, and arts, as well as with visitors who have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally. Guests have included journalists Peter Baker and Joe Scarborough; authors Samantha Hunt and Craig Johnson; political scientist Ian Bremmer; photographer Steve McCurry; musician Jim Kweskin; and astronaut Drew Feustel.

NCTV18_Out To See Program

Out To See

Out to See Inc. provides children’s entertainment and is based on Nantucket Island.

We envision a joyous, playful, connected global community that cares for our earth and the living things that share it. We endeavor to inspire and encourage human connection, imagination, environmental stewardship, and global discovery.

NCTV18_Tim Talks Program

Tim Talks Books

Tuesdays at 1pm.
Local Channel 18 and Nantucket Book Partners YouTube.
(Episodes re-air on Thursdays and Saturdays.)

Join Tim Ehrenberg, Marketing Director for Nantucket Book Partners, as he talks to authors!

Past episodes include guest authors Jodi Picoult, Nathaniel Philbrick, Elin Hilderbrand, and Rufi Thorpe.

This programming is brought to you by NCTV18 in collaboration with Tim Talks Books.

NCTV18_The Face of Art Program

The Face of Art

LIVE: Thursdays at 6 pm EST
Local Channel 18 & YouTube/NCTV18
This programming is brought to you by NCTV in partnership with Kit Noble/Noble Ambitions.

Join host Kit Noble each Thursday as he brings local artists out from behind the canvas for inspiring conversations. The Face of Art shines a light on local artists with live, one-on-one thoughtful discussions. Each week via video chat, local artists are showcased discussing their journey as an artist, their passion for art; and bringing forth both their successes and challenges.

Screened images of their work and studios will be presented, their processes will be highlighted, and questions will be answered from viewers via remote public engagement.

The Face of Art will bring artists out from behind their canvas and into the light.

NCTV18_Nantucket Cooks Program

Nantucket Cooks

Nantucket Cooks. Daily at 12 pm and 4:30 pm.

Local Channel 18 and YouTube/NCTV18

Join Chef Greg Margolis as he shares his art of culinary genius from his kitchen to your household.   This series is designed to connect people through the art of food while using simple ingredients and creative recipes.

This programming is brought to you by NCTV18 in collaboration with Nantucket Culinary Center.

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NCTV18_Leading At A Higher Level Program

Leading at a Higher Level

Leading at a Higher Level show airs: Wednesdays at 5pm, Fridays at 2 pm and Saturdays at 6pm.

NCTV18_We Are Nantucket Program

We Are Nantucket

The island’s past and present meet its future with “We Are Nantucket,” a community engagement program aimed at handing down and continuing the oral histories of Nantucket and its population.

NCTV18_Salt Marsh Program

Saltmarsh Gam

NCTV18_Bobbin Around Town Program

Bobbin Around Town

Join Bobby Planzer as he explores his hometown with a camera and a microphone. His reputation precedes him everywhere, and he can quickly turn a friendly “hello” into a funny and heartwarming interview. Whether roaming the streets or sneaking in behind-the-scenes of the island’s most popular events, “Bobbin’ around Town” is a family show that is as much fun to watch as it is to film.

NCTV18_Nantucket Small Business Updates Program

Nantucket Small Business Updates

LIVE! Tuesdays at 3:30 pm EST

Local Channel 18 and YouTube/NCTV18

Live Q&A / Remote Public Participation Enabled.

Nantucket Small Business Updates is a partnership between NCTV18 and the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce; and a member of the Keep the Rock Solid Campaign.

This panel discussion series is designed to help small businesses navigate current events while showcasing programs and offerings that may be available to them.

Kristie Ferrantella, President/CEO, Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, and Jason Bridges, Select Board, Town of Nantucket; present new weekly panelists to the public for each broadcast.

NCTV18_Nantucket Book Festival Program

At Home With Authors

New information to come for 2020 series.