Public, Education and Government  (PEG) access TV provides the public with free access to the use of television, via the cable television network, as a way to reach other members of their community. Cameras, lighting, audio equipment, computers, studio space, editing software, along with technical direction are made available through an agreement our  cable service provide—Comcast.

So, here is the cool thing— Islanders can create their own programing! That’s right.  Regardless if your 15 or 65 years old, if you have a vision that you want to give voice to and connect it to or about life on Nantucket, here is your opportunity.  How?  Become a member.  We have different levels to suite your needs.  Check it out.

And, you probably want to do your homework and see what our current members are already producing.  We are very proud of them as the cover topics from island leadership views, environmental impacts on the island, social awareness issues and changing times of Nantucket.  There is room for more, so lets see what vision you have and lets make it come alive.


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