Hello Nantucket, I’m Natalie Ciminero, your host for the Wellness portion of Nantucket Pulse programming, made possible by Nantucket Cottage Hospital Community Health Initiative.

Nantucket Pulse Wellness program highlights essential resources to help us balance our new way of living… taking care of ourselves, each other, AND connecting to those who can help us during this pandemic.

This week joining us is Alexandra Catchpole, an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Lightworker and owner of Nantucket Healing Arts. She is an amazing healer offering energy medicine sessions specializing in Reiki + Shamanic Healing, as well as meditation classes, and sustainably crafted products to help maintain energetic health. Alexandra holds certifications in Shamanic Lightworking Empowerment in Metaphysics, and as a Reiki Master Teacher, and is currently studying plant medicine.

Today Alexandra will introduce us to a brief educational overview of Energetic Health and the Human Electromagnetic Field. She will share what energetic health is, the science behind it, what creates energetic imbalances, signs, and symptoms that show that you may need to heal your vibration and some tips and techniques on how to improve it. She’s going to close with a brief meditation to help the health of your electromagnetic field. 

I am very pleased to present Alexandra Catchpole of Nantucket Healing Arts. 

Alexandra, that was incredibly relaxing – thank you for sharing this with us!  To watch this episode or learn more about Alexandra and her work anytime, look for it in the NantucketPulse Wellness series Playlist on nctv18.org.

You will notice at the end of this episode local island groups giving rounds of applause to health care workers on Nantucket and around the world!  If your team is meeting on zoom or google hangouts, please record yourselves saying who you are and give a shout out and round of applause to our frontline heroes, and send them to info@nctv18.org

We will continue with our series aimed at keeping everyone connected and maintaining a healthy balance under the guidance of our local health professionals. Today I’d like to send out a special message of love and support to all of you who are mothers. I know so many of you are juggling child care, homeschooling, work, and family life and I’m certain you all deserve great big hugs at the very least. So Happy Early Mother’s Day to all of you and to my own Mom down in Florida watching this remotely. I miss you. I love you and I can’t wait until we can see each other again in person. I hope you have found something in today’s episode that will help you. That’s all for now, I’m Natalie Ciminero, your host of the Wellness portion of Nantucket Pulse —I’ll be back next week. Take good care of yourselves and each other!

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