Nantucket Life TV Programming

Episode One: Nantucket Life

Now airing on local Channel 18.

Nantucket Community Television is excited to present its newest original program Nantucket Life. The half-hour, magazine-style series celebrates the uniqueness of Nantucket and its people through a broad view of the island’s environment, history, and culture. This refreshing new TV program provides viewers with accounts and insights into what distinguishes Nantucket from other places.

Each episode of Nantucket Life will feature a variety of short segments, each highlighting different aspects of people and life on the island. Local and visiting viewers alike will learn about the island’s arts, public affairs, nonprofit organizations, and natural habitats, and be able to watch live events. “We decided to embark on the Nantucket Life series because we know we’re surrounded by remarkable people who have done and continue to do remarkable things. It’s our privilege to bring those stories to life, to share and preserve these stories for future generations to enjoy,” explained Lisa Getter, executive director of NCTV.

Nantucket Life was spearheaded by Dan Driscoll of September Films. Driscoll, who directs the series, is also the president of NCTV’s board of directors. Joanna Hay, the show’s executive producer and founder of her namesake production company, has an extensive history of directing and producing documentaries. Catie O’Connor makes her debut as an assistant producer.

Lead editors Dee White and Frank Schadt recently won four awards for NCTV at the 2020 Mass Access Creator Award. Assistant editor Mark Pommett is known for his work on The Nantucket Doctor and On the Bench! Mookie Richards, Matt Nesselrodt, and Grace Bartlett, all graduates of the Nantucket Film Festival’s Teen View education program in partnership with NCTV, help with production and post-production. Arlene O’Reilly, founder, and owner of Mind’s Eye Communications design agency is head of graphics and marketing. Nantucket native and NCTV General Manager Rachel Larson Devine, who also co-produces and hosts some of the show’s segments, oversees public outreach.

Nantucket Life intends to capture the spirit of the island and delight viewers who love Nantucket.

Nantucket Life premiered on August 19, 2021 at 12 pm and 7 pm on local Comcast channel 18,, or online on YouTube/NCTV18, and IGTV/NCTV18. Producers encourage viewers to sign up for the station newsletters and follow NCTV’s social media channels for next month’s premiere dates and times. NCTV welcomes public feedback on this new project and hopes to include NCTV members as future producers of the series.

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