Nantucket, MA — The 2018 Teen View Showcase celebrated student films during its 18th annual screening event on

Sunday, June 24th.

The event, held at Bennett Hall in downtown Nantucket, showcased 12 films to a sold-out audience. Festival guidelines

dictate that all films must be under 10 minutes in length, made by Nantucket students and follow this year’s theme of

“fictional narrative.”

In this program, under the direction of Nantucket Community Television’s station manager and instructor, Andrew

Cromartie, Nantucket High School students learned the skills to develop, write, shoot and edit their own films. Following

a series of instructional workshops held at NCTV this winter and spring, their completed short films had their premiere

during Nantucket Film Festival’s Teen View Showcase.

“It was really exciting to witness the student’s process start with a larger-than-life blockbuster idea and watch them go

through the learning process of developing a film idea that would be both practical and fulfilling,” explained, Cromartie,

adding, “its really exciting to work with such energetic and creative individuals and I am elated to see how they grow as

filmmakers in the coming year.”

Films featured in the 2018 Teen View Showcase included:

  • “Washed Ashore” by Liam Cannole
  • “$20” by Matthew Giacchetti
  • “Alien” by Taylor Gueorguiev
  • “Moirai” by James Holmes
  • “Cadenza” by Nicole LeBlanc
  • “Connect” by Jackie McGrath
  • “Throwaways” by Anya Mogensen
  • “Surface Waves” by Matt Nesselrodt
  • “Flux” by Sawyer Philips
  • “Checkmate” by Phaedra Plank
  • “Issue” by Mookie Richards
  • “Song of India” by Isaiah Williams

This year’s Teen View, part of the Nantucket Film Festival, was facilitated by Nantucket Community Television and the

student’s films will begin airing locally on Comcast channel 18, as well on its website,, and video on-demand

service. Individuals interested in learning filmmaking and editing skills can check NCTV’s website for announcements on

upcoming educational classes.

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