Our instructors are professional media artists that teach a wide range of classes and workshops from media arts, journalism, to communication design. Classes are for adults who are just starting out as well as for professionals looking to improve skills in the media arts and marketing.

Our youth educational programs Whaler Media and Teen View, are designed for local students ranging from 11  to 18 years of age.

NCTV Educational Classes

Classes & Workshops

We have some great classes lined up for our membership this year!
We have been working hard to develop additional classes that may be of interest to you, or someone you know who is interested in media arts. Our class roster ranges from film making essentials, animation to imaging, visual effects, and graphic design. Here is the line up of adult classes this winter and spring:

  • Camera & Editing Fundamentals
  • Scene Fundamentals Intensive Workshop
  • Photoshop Down to Business
  • Introduction to Animation (for youth students)
  • Harness Your Smart Phone
  • Intermediate Animation (for youth students)
  • Graphic Design
  • Adobe Premier Intermediate
Whaler Media Program

Whaler Media

Introducing our new media arts educational program, Whaler Media.

Whaler Media is designed to prepare students for post-secondary education in media arts. Capacity permitting 14 per class, meeting once a week, starting in November through the end of February. Learn how to use our professional-grade equipment and how to organize the production of a short video. Each skill will be introduced by demonstration and then repeatedly practiced by the students, in pairs, on their assigned piece of equipment. This arrangement ensures that everyone receives ample time to practice filming and editing

Students wanting to join our Whaler Media Program, sign up in advance. This program starts annually in November, meets once a week, and ends in February.  This is a prerequisite for Teen View Program. Free to students, partially funded by Nantucket Golf Club.

Teen View Program

Nantucket Community Television cultivates young filmmakers who want to enter their work in the Nantucket Film Festival’s Annual Teen View Showcase.

Students who are interested in the Teen View Program, classes start early March, meets once a week, and end in June. Click here to register, before this program is full. Free to Nantucket High School students, thanks to funding by the Nantucket Film Festival. 

Individuals interested in learning more about the media arts, please sign up for our newsletter for upcoming announcements on media arts educational classes.