Nantucket Community Television is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Driscoll as president of the board. “Dan has a celebrated history of film and television experience complimented by his knowledge and fascination of our Nantucket Island microcosm,” says out-going president Susan Beaumont.

“The NCTV board and staff have made remarkable strides in programming and educational opportunities for the Nantucket community,” says Driscoll. “I’m very fortunate to be stepping on board a very solid ship. I look forward to helping them achieve an even stronger financial footing which would allow for more programming to benefit and entertain the community.”

Andrew Cromartie has joined the staff as Station Manager, Producer and Instructor at Nantucket Community Television. Cromartie grew up on Nantucket, dabbling in music, acting and filmmaking. He received his degree from the New York School for Film and Television and has acted, produced and directed for theatre and film in Boston and New York. Producer, Camera Operator and Editor Mark Pommet rounds out the full-time staff.

Nantucket Community Television opened its doors at 15 North Beach Street in August 2011. Programming is available on local television channel 18 on-demand on their newly launched website, and on their YouTube channel.  The mission: to inspire the Nantucket community to explore ideas, share information, and highlight the island’s people, stories and culture through local television and online programming; is supported by Comcast, private donations, grants, and affordable membership.  Membership benefits include use of state-of-the-art equipment with training to create and produce for television and online view.

“I believe there is no one on island better prepared for the challenge of taking Nantucket Community Television forward” says Executive Director since 2015 Lisa Frey Getter. “We are thrilled to have Dan and Andrew join us in at this time of enormous growth.” Other current board members include Bob Thompson, Richard “Dick” Herman, Andrew McKenna-Foster, Jason Graziadei, Lauren Berlin, Jason Bridges, and Chris Maury.

“With luck, hard-work, and whale-sized support public-access television is an uphill artistry that is capable of creating and delivering pertinent, sometimes humorous, transparent programming for a broad audience,” says Beaumont who has produced for television, film, newspaper, magazine and radio on Nantucket since 1984, adding “access to open and honest media has never been more important.”

In 1969 the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Cable Communications Act of 1984 created PEG channels to allow public-access, educational-access, and government-access for public view. 

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