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The Town of Nantucket is updating its Housing Production Plan (HPP). The current plan runs through October 2021. The purpose of the HPP is to help Nantucket find the best ways to meet its year-round housing needs and shape the location, type, and design of the development. An HPP is recognized by the state as a housing best practice to help promote diverse housing options that are sensitive to the community context and capacity. An added element is communities with an approved HPP require only half the number of units otherwise required to get a year of “Safe Harbor” under Chapter 40B.
When completed in the spring, the HPP will include various recommendations for the Town, such as zoning improvements, financial requirements, potential development opportunities, improvements to infrastructure and capacity, and housing assistance programs.
As part of this process, there will be multiple opportunities for community members to be involved and help shape the recommendations in the plan.
Join the Town of Nantucket’s project team for a community-wide webinar on Thursday, January 7, 2021. This online event is free and open to the public.
During the webinar, the Town’s project consultants, Jenn Goldson and Judi Barrett will provide an overview of the project and lead participants through interactive activities so you can share your insights about housing needs, challenges, and opportunities.
An online housing survey will also be launched in the next ten days. If you are interested in getting notified when the survey is live, please email tholland@nantucket-ma.gov
The project team will hold a second community-wide webinar on March 23, 2021. At this second webinar, the Town’s project consultants will share findings of their analysis and community engagement as well as preliminary recommendations for community members to consider.
The draft plan will be presented to the Planning Board and Select Board in the spring (date to be determined) prior to being submitted to the state for approval.
Anyone interested in participating may register here.
Direct Link to the webinar here.
For more information, please contact Tucker Holland, Municipal Housing Director, Town of Nantucket.

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