NCTV18 has a new challenge that is also an opportunity.  In 2019, the Town of Nantucket will be negotiating and renewing its Cable Television License with Comcast.  Comcast regulates PEG Stations (required by law at this time), and therefore regulates NCTV18.   First, I would like to tell you a little about our brand NCTV18— we are structured as a PEG channel that captures and broadcasts public aspects that impact Nantucket, we promote education in the media arts, and we are there filming every local government meetings about Nantucket.  All of this footage is available on our local channel 18, as well as on-demand via our website.  Our YouTube channel is packed with past shows going back as far as we can.

Our mission is To inspire the Nantucket community to explore ideas, share information, and highlight the island’s people, stories and culture through local television.

Yes, we broadcast Nantucket!  And equally important, we offer education in multimedia arts to all ages and levels of understanding.  Our members can specialize in and become part of film production team to produce some legendary grassroots films that is unique to Nantucket.  Here a brief idea of titles that our student members can achieve: writer, producer, designer, actor, director, lighting engineer, camera and audio technician, imagining specialist, animator and editor.

“Films can help change the world” — Huffington Post
“Well done video is king in content marketing”   — Mind’s Eye Communications

We believe that our role is important to our community. We are documenting our history in the 21st century and teaching the business owners, and leaders of our future—how important and powerful the media arts are for the Nantucket culture.

NCTV is a non-profit and as I mentioned above is a PEG channel.  Stay with me now, this is an important piece of information.  Federal law allows for municipalities to support local programming (“PEG”) stations with a surcharge of up to 5%. Are you aware that Comcast currently charges Nantucket customers 3% that in turn supports our local station NCTV?

We want to increase the support for NCTV that in turn supports our community.

NCTV18 is asking Comcast to increase the annual operating grant from 3% of its Gross Annual  Revenues  to 5%, which is the most the  law allows. For example, a monthly cable bill of $120, this represents approximately an increase of only $2.00 per month.  That is approximately $12 per year increase.

We also want to tell Comcast that you want to be able to watch NCTV programming in High Definition and HID-designated channels beyond the standard existing channel 18 so we can view films and footage in a richer user experience of high definition.

Furthermore, we want tell Comcast that you want to be able to view information about NCTV’s programing in you Comcast cable guide—just like any other channel.  That way year-round folks and visitors will be able to attain information directly while using their television screen guide that is provided by Comcast.  This will open up many doors of communication that can benefit our island.

Here is our vision for NCTV’s future:

  •  Emergency Broadcast Services.
  • Local News
  • Specialized Programing for Nantucket
  • Scholarships for Media Education
  • Accredited Professional Training Workshops and Classes
  • Internship Programs

Here is how we approach this challenge and opportunity … and we will need your help if you interested.

Please fill out this survey —will take you less than two minutes of your time. Your response will help Nantucket Community Television to determine our community’s level of interest in community television broadcast, and education in the media arts.

Follow our progress and participate where you can:  Comment and subscribe to our blog, Sign up for our newsletter for updates (We promise not to bombard you with emails – this is for news and upcoming classes only), follow us on our social media channels, and please attend the public forums for Q&A on the Comcast Renewal Negations, dates and places to be announced.

Stay tuned for updates – this is a two year process.  Please let us know your thoughts and email us if you would like.

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