Rachel Larson Devine

General Manager


Rachel Larson Devine joined the team at NCTV18 in March of 2020. Rachel is a multi-generational Nantucket native who brings forth a diverse skill set with a foundation of strong organization, communications, attention to detail, and creative vision. With over two decades of experience with office management, the construction trades, and real estate; Rachel is also a professional photographer, avid writer, and a strong advocate for Domestic Violence education and reform. She has an innate passion for life and an energy that drives her to constantly explore and break down the impossible. Greatly inspired by the arts, elements of nature, and the connection of people; Rachel is a firm believer that we are all influencing each other daily and that what we put out into the world each day truly matters. As a single mother, her greatest achievement and inspiration will always be her son, Cullen. Email: rachel@nctv18.org