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NCTV-18 Trains Local Video Pros 

By William Ferrall, published in Mahon About Town, Celebrating the Best of Nantucket Look for intro classes in video production skills this fall and winter? Across our country and beyond, we’re well into the age of neophyte videographers and ‘citizen journalists’ aiming their cell phone cameras at street scenes, events, […]

Spring Workshops 2017
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Spring Workshops coming up!

We’re starting 2 workshops for you to choose from this Spring! INTRODUCTION TO PRODUCTION Chris Wendzicki will teach Intro to Production, covering the basics of Film and Video.  Member’s cost for this class is $100. Call for schedule. EDITING ESSENTIALS For members wanting to focus more on editing, Mark Pommett will be teaching Editing Essentials with Adobe Premiere. […]

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NCTV Classes start this fall!

What’s happening this fall at NCTV? Buckle up!  Jump start you film making plans by learning all the skills necessary from Pre to Post-Production and check out our 3 New Class to get your ideas on the Big Screen. Sign up for our 1-Day Screenwriting Workshop “Get Your Shorts On” […]