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Like local public access? We need your help!

Cape Cod Times Posted Dec 8, 2018 at 3:01 AM If you have ever found yourself traipsing through the television stations, looking for something – anything – worth watching, you may have inadvertently or even purposely run across a local cable access station broadcasting anything from town committee meetings to small town festivals and public […]

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NCTV-18 Trains Local Video Pros 

By William Ferrall, published in Mahon About Town, Celebrating the Best of Nantucket Look for intro classes in video production skills this fall and winter? Across our country and beyond, we’re well into the age of neophyte videographers and ‘citizen journalists’ aiming their cell phone cameras at street scenes, events, […]

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Dan Driscoll is our new Board President!

Nantucket Community Television is pleased to announce the appointment of Dan Driscoll as president of the board. “Dan has a celebrated history of film and television experience complimented by his knowledge and fascination of our Nantucket Island microcosm,” says out-going president Susan Beaumont. “The NCTV board and staff have made remarkable […]

Spring Workshops 2017
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Spring Workshops coming up!

We’re starting 2 workshops for you to choose from this Spring! INTRODUCTION TO PRODUCTION Chris Wendzicki will teach Intro to Production, covering the basics of Film and Video.  Member’s cost for this class is $100. Call for schedule. EDITING ESSENTIALS For members wanting to focus more on editing, Mark Pommett will be teaching Editing Essentials with Adobe Premiere. […]


The Premiere of “Out To See”

Catch the premiere of “Out To See”  February 18th, 2017 @ 9am on Channel 18. This new children show featuring the Nanpuppets was produced and created by NCTV members Lizza Obremski and Sue Riddle, who shot, directed, and edited it. Recently, we spoke with the creators, Lizaa and Sue, on […]