Classes This Fall!

Introduction to Animation  
$250 Limited to 7 Adult Students

This class is for any adult who wants to learn about animation. We will cover the very basics of animation using traditional media (pencil-and-paper, clay, chalk, etc.). We will then progress to more advanced animation principles using Adobe Animate and Photoshop.  

Dates: T/B/D
Time: 5:15 – 7:00
Instructor: Sammy Aguiar

Graphic Design

This class is for those who want to learn the fundamentals of Graphic Design.  In this class, we will understand how this industry impacts society today, students will learn about tools of the trade, including intro to Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, and learn design principles and typography. Projects will include designs for APP icons, advertising, book cover, magazine cover, social media campaigns. Students will have use of the studio to work on projects outside of class time.

Time: 5-7 pm
Dates: T/B/D 8 Classes, limited to 7 adult students
Instructor: Arlene O’Reilly

Premiere Pro Intermediate

This class is ideal for those who need to edit video clips, create movies, and/or wants to learn to integrate video with other Adobe products. In a small class setting your instructor will make sure you are confident in the basics and help you to then create stunning professional video projects.

Adobe Premiere Pro Intermediate is hands-on and intensive. However, it is designed to help make difficult topics easier to understand.  Your instructors, are seasoned experts, and will work with you closely to make sure that you avoid common mistakes in Premiere Pro and apply best practices when possible.

Time: 5-7 pm
Dates: T/B/D  8 Classes, limited to 7 adult students
Instructor: T/B/D

Spring 2020 Classes

Camera Fundamentals
$50, Limited to 7 Students

A two-day workshop. Basic camera operation with composition principles. Students will learn about frame rate, shutter speed, and aperture along with the rule of thirds for composing professional shots. This class is hands-on, giving each student the chance to operate a camera on their own.

Dates: February 15 & 22
Times: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Instructor: Andrew Cromartie

Editing Fundamentals
$100 Limited to 7 Students

A four-day workshop. Basic Premiere Pro is designed for Beginners and is hands-on training. Learn the basics of importing content, including file format requirements, basic editing production procedures.

Dates: March 5, 8, 12 & 15
Times: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Instructor: Dee White

Scene Fundamentals Workshop
$175, Limited to 10 Students

This is an advanced workshop, students must have completed Camera Fundamentals and Editing Fundamentals. During this five-day workshop intensive, students will learn how to take an idea from concept to distribution. Beginning with their own concept, students will draft their ideas into a screenplay, film their scenes, edit their projects and distribute them on the web.

Dates: March 25th – March 29th
Times: 5:00pm – 6:30pm
Instructor: Andrew Cromartie

Photoshop Down to Business
$250, limited to 7 Adult Students

This class is for adults who need to use for photoshop for business. Students will understand image treatment for print, web, and multimedia, learning editing production and applying color management. Students will have assignments creating projects such as book covers, advertisements, online advertising, and social media promotions, including thumbs and still frames used in multimedia.

Dates: Wednesdays,  March 13th – April 17th
Times: 5:30pm – 7pm
Instructor: Arlene O’Reilly

Smartphone Class 
$200, Limited to 8 Adult Students

For smartphone users with Apple or Android!  Students will learn how: to work with photos; work with videos; workflow for google drive back-up for Android, or workflow for iCloud & Mac Computers.

Dates: Tuesdays, April 2nd-30th 
Times: 5:30pm – 7:00pm
Instructor: Dee White & Arlene O’Reilly

These dates are subject to change.

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