Lisa Getter, Executive Director. Lisa  accepted the role of Executive Director for NCTV in 2014. Lisa hails from the UK and moved to Nantucket in 2001.  Lisa has always had a passion for photography and film— Really, her specialty is capturing Life.   She was a founding partner for Nantucket Event Media that specialized in multimedia services on Nantucket in 2003.  She is also a successful businesswoman in budget and finance management to select island businesses.  Email her at

Arlene O’Reilly, Director of Development and Marketing. Arlene joined NCTV part-time in January  2019 and has worked as a consutlant with NCTV since 2014.  Arlene has been coming to Nantucket since the early 1980s. Raised in New York City, Arlene holds a BFA from St. John’s University where she studied Commercial Design and Cultural Psychology. She received her MA in Communication Design from Syracuse University. Arlene is the founding partner and  Creative Director and for a design agency, Mind’s Eye Communications, base on Nantucket for 30+ years.  Arlene has joined NCTV as the Director of Marketing and Development part-time and enjoys teaching communication design classes at NCTV. Email her at

Dee White, Station Manager & Senior Producer. Dee grew up in Windsor, Connecticut. Her interests in video production began in high school continued on as she studied cinematography at the University of Hartford. Dee began working at Win-TV, in Windsor, CT, in 2010, starting out as a video editor and moving up to production supervisor & lead editor. She joined the NCTV team in early 2018 as the lead editor, videographer, and VFX/motion graphics artist. She is the coordinator for Whaler Media and Journalism 101 youth education programs. Email her at

Frank Schadt, Project Director and Videographer.  Frank left freelance film work in August of 2018 to join NCTV18. He began honing his filmmaking, editing, and directing techniques in 8th grade. From then he never looked back, creating his own short films while attending film school and working on commercial shoots. No matter a project’s scope, he works hard to turn ideas into action.  Frank is our government coordinator and assistant editor, Email him at

Rachel Larson Devine, General Manager. Rachel joined the team at NCTV18 in March of 2020. Rachel is a multi-generational Nantucket native who brings forth a diverse skill set with a foundation of strong organization, communications, attention to detail, and creative vision. With over two decades of experience with office management, the construction trades, and real estate; Rachel is also a professional photographer, avid writer, and a strong advocate for Domestic Violence education and reform. She has an innate passion for life and an energy that drives her to constantly explore and break down the impossible. Greatly inspired by the arts, elements of nature, and the connection of people; Rachel is a firm believer that we are all influencing each other daily and that what we put out into the world each day truly matters. As a single mother, her greatest achievement and inspiration will always be her son, Cullen. You can find them both anywhere there is adventure, curiosity, and salt air. Email her at


Lisa GetterExecutive Director
Arlene O’ReillyDirector of Development & Marketing
Dee WhiteStation Manager & Senior Producer
Frank SchadtProject Director and Videographer
Rachel Larson DevineGeneral Manager