Our Mission:

To inspire the Nantucket community to explore ideas, share information, and highlight the island’s people, stories and culture through local television and online programming.

Our Board of Directors:

Susan Beaumont, President has served on several Nantucket non-profit boards, has worked in the Nantucket Public Schools, in development at Nantucket Cottage Hospital and at the Nantucket Historical Association. She produced a nightly and later twice-weekly television newscast, and has reported for television, radio, newspapers, and magazines as well as acting in and on stage and film productions.

Bob Thompson, Vice President has been part of NCTV since the inception of the station.  Currently a technology specialist for Nantucket Public Schools, bob has devoted his life to helping Nantucketers connect through technology.

Richard “Dick” Herman, Treasurer is a retired middle school math teacher and taught at Cyrus Pierce Middle School for 35 years. He was an assistant football coach at Nantucket High School for 15 years and has been announcing high school reports since 1986. Dick has been a member of the NCTV board for 10 years and is involved with the Nantucket Booster Club, the Knights of Columbus, and the Nantucket Historical Association.

Andrew McKenna-Foster is an Adjunct Researcher at the Maria Mitchell Association and has a background in environmental education, ecology, and physics. He started filming and edited videos as a member of NCTV in 2012 and joined the NCTV board in 2014.

Lauren Berlin is the Communications Manager for the Westmoor Club. She is experienced in social media, marketing, and web design. Lauren also helps manage Nantucket Surf Company and is involved with the Nantucket Maria Mitchell Association. She joined the board in 2016.

Jason Bridges is a Nantucket entrepreneur and owns the Handlebar Cafe and Nantucket Bike Tours.  Jason is active in organizing and participating in events that build community involvement and engagement.  He has been a member of the NCTV board since 2013.

Bob DeCosta grew up on Nantucket and has been an involved member of Nantucket’s community throughout his life.  His the owner of Albacore Charters, acts as a consultant for construction management and serves on the Nantucket’s Board of Selectman.  Bob joined the NCTV board in 2015

Jason Graziadei is the public information officer at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, and has been a member of the island community since 2004.  In addition to his work in public relations, Jason has a background in journalism, including nine years as a reporter for the Inquirer and Mirror.  He joined the NCTV board in 2014, and also servers on the board of directors at the Nantucket Island Chamber of Commerce, and A Safe Place.



Our Staff:

Lisa Getter accepted the role of Executive Director for NCTV in 2014. Lisa hails from the UK, and moved to Nantucket in 2001.  Lisa has always had a passion for photography and film— Really, her specialty is capturing Life.   She was a founding partner for Nantucket Event Media that specialized in multimedia services on Nantucket in 2003.  She is also a successful business woman in budget and finance management for select island businesses.

Chris Wendzicki, Jr. has been the Senior Producer of Nantucket Community Television since 2013 and has been working in TV broadcasting on Nantucket since 2008. With a background in producing, directing, editing and acting, Chris has produced live morning shows, created award-winning videos, and mentored members of NCTV18 in all aspects of production.  Chris’s most rewarding contribution to the station is being able to teach students of all ages the art of storytelling through the lens.

Mark Pommet has been working with NCTV for 2 years and is the video editor and has over a decade of experience in commercial, narrative and documentary editing. Some of his client include FOX reality channel, Image Entertainment and Gap Clothing. He is also an accomplished camera operator and has worked in Los Angeles for 10 years on various projects including short films, music videos and commercials.

Andrew Cromartie grew up on Nantucket and was one of the first students in the Nantucket Film Festival’s ‘Teen View’ program.   He received his Associates Degree from the New York School for Film and Television in 2008, and since then has had experience in videography in Boston and New York City. Currently, he’s been working as a camera operator, live switcher, editor and scheduler for NCTV.

Charlie Holiman has been working with NCTV since June 2012. He has been filming the government meeting such as Board of Selectman, Airport Commission. He has also helped shoot various other projects, which include Annual Town Meetings, performances at the high school and the School Committee meetings.  He is looking forward to learning how to edit.