Please be advised that the Nantucket Select Board and the Nantucket Health & Human Services Director with endorsement by the Board of Health have voted to issue a Stay at Home Order (aka “Shelter in Place Order”) effective Monday, March 23, 2020 at 5:00 PM through Monday, April 6, 2020 however to be reviewed by the Select Board, Public Health, Nantucket Cottage Hospital and the Incident Command weekly to determine when the Order will be suspended.  The Board stresses that there is a possibility that this unprecedented public health event might last longer than the Governor’s current school closing ban.

All persons living in the Town and County of Nantucket are directed to stay at their place of residence until further notice.  This not a “lockdown” and essential services such as grocery stores, pharmacies and restaurants (including take-out and coffee shops – for delivery or curbside pick-up only) remain open for business.

There is no reason to panic or rush out for supplies! Most Nantucketers are staying at home already.  FAQ’s about acceptable ways to stay at home or “shelter in place” can be found on the Town’s website—Shelter-in-Place.

This decision was made in consultation with Nantucket Cottage Hospital and Public Health Officials with the intent to “flatten” the rate at which Coronavirus is potentially spread.  If the Town experiences a spike in serious cases that exceed Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s capacity to care for them as is predicted by hospital personnel, people could die from inadequate access to medical care if we don’t take these extreme measures.  The Town is serious about social distancing as a proven tool to prevent the spread of this disease. Two Emergency Orders have already been issued and this Order assists with the effort to keep our community safe. Beating this unprecedented public health threat is the responsibility of the entire Nantucket community.  The health of Nantucket is in our hands.

The full Order may be found here

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