Brought to you in part by the Community Foundation For Nantucket, Dune Restaurant + Bar,  Lower Cape TV & WGBH

NCTV Government Producer, Frank Schadt has researched and arranged many of the interviews and information below for islanders in the 2020 Election.  Special thanks to Frank, our sponsors, and partners in creating this special segment series.  PLEASE VOTE.

  • How to vote safely during the pandemic, learn what your options are on island. Currently aired. Brought to you by the Community Foundation For Nantucket and Dune Restuarant + Bar.
  • Senate Elevator Pitch:  Watch candidates get to the point! NCTV filmed US Senate 9th District candidates Bill Keating (D) Mike Manley (Coach Team America) and Helen Brady (R); plus US Senate candidate Kevin O’Connor (R) make their case for your vote in 90 seconds or less. Watch playlist.
  • Understanding Ballot Questions 1: Right to Repair.  Brought to you by Lower Cape TV.
  • Ranked Choice Voting. Brought to you by Lower Cape TV.
  • 2020 Candidate Interviews: 2020 Candidate Interviews:  NCTV Host Charley Walters conducted 20-minute interviews with most of the candidates running for the statewide offices appearing on the Massachusetts ballot. These candidates explain their positions on a range of issues. Vast topics Including COVID management, summer worker visas, and climate change.
    NCTV Channel 18 Air Times:
    Oct 28 @ 9 pm |  Oct 29 @7 pm | Oct 30 @ 8 pm | Oct 31 @ 9 pm
    Nov 1 @ 10 am |  Nov 2 @ 7 pm |  Nov 3 @ 8 am
    Or watch on NCTV’s YouTube playlist.
  • 2020 US Senate Candidate Debate: Sen. Ed Markey and his Republican challenger, Kevin O’Connor. Moderated by GBH News In partnership with WGBH, NCTV will air the only debate between Sen. Ed Markey and his Republican challenger, Kevin O’Connor. Moderated by GBH News, this virtual debate enables both candidates to discuss the issues facing Massachusetts and to make their cases as to which one deserves your vote to be your senator.
    NCTV Channel 18 Air Dates: Oct 28 @11 pm|  Oct 29 @ 9 pm | Oct 30 @ 10 pm | Oct 31 @ 8pm
    Nov 1 @ 12 pm |  Nov 2 @ 9pm | Nov 3 @ noon
  • Nantucket Virtual Town Hall  US Rep. Bill Keating (US House, MA 9th District) answers questions from his constituents on Nantucket in a “town hall” format via Zoom. He is joined by State Senator Julian Cyr. NCTV Channel 18 Air Dates: Oct 29  @ 5 pm |   Oct 30 @ 6pm | Oct 31  @ 7pm
    Nov 1  @ 7 pm Or watch on NCTV YouTube Channel.
  • Live Coverage of Nantucket’s Election Day Results: Live Coverage of Nantucket’s Election Day Results:  This election differs from all elections before it. To document this extraordinary moment in our island and nation’s history, NCTV will air live coverage and analysis of Nantucket’s results when available around 9:30 pm on Election Night (Nov. 3rd) for a half-an-hour. Host Charley Walters will discuss the results with guests, air behind-the-scenes videos from the polling station, and invite members of the public to share their views on the election. NCTV would like to hear from you! During the broadcast, please click the Zoom link and during the public comment sections, you might be called on to share why you voted a particular way. The exact start time will change depending on when the Town finishes counting the ballots.
    For an up-to-the-minute estimate about the starting time, tune in to NCTV Channel 18 on Nov. 3rd or NCTV’s social media channels.
    Register for Public Forum |   Tune-in on NCTV Channel 18 or YouTube Live.

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