The winner of this years shorts was “Traffic–Fear & Loathing on Nantucket” by Dan Driscoll.  During a interview on Nantucket NPR, Dan explained this was his first attempt at comedy.  Hard to believe.  The entire audience was laughing during the entire film, for those that live on Nantucket year-round, it’s easy to understand why – just watch the film above.

The 2015 winners were back again with yet another brilliant film—also a comedy—called “Tomfollery” by Thomas & Jack Bosco.  There were some outstanding films that should have won for artistic direction: “Oilkid in Comeuppance” by Josef Kardel, as well as “Bucky” by Kit Nobel.  Technical bar was raised by Andrew Cromarie as shown in his film, “Found& Lost”.

All nine films were well thought out and demonstrated the various levels of film making, all unique showcasing their interpretation of life on Nantucket.

To see all nine films – check them out here at nantucket shorts.

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